WSU Community-Engaged Research Symposium Series

Over the past few years, WSU has held a Community-Engaged Research (CEnR) Symposium and moving forward, the symposium will be planned and organized by CHECK-UP. In 2018, 2019, and 2020, the CEnR Symposium convened hundreds of community members, community-based organizations, as well as WSU faculty, staff, and students to highlight existing community-academic research partnerships, develop new partnerships, and provide opportunities to discuss the benefits and challenges of CEnR and strategies for conducting this work.
This year, the CEnR Symposium consisted of a series of three separate programs with the overarching goal of network building. The programs were formatted to achieve this by bringing together academic and community experts to share space, engage in dialogue, and set an agenda and next steps that will ultimately drive efforts toward LGBTQ health equity, Black health and racial equity, and MENA, Refugee, and Immigrant health. 

2022 WSU Community-Engaged Research (CEnR) Symposium