Faith Community Research Network


What Is the Faith Community Research Network?


The FCRN is a partnership between the Faith-Based Genetic Research Institute, Wayne State University, and Karmanos Cancer Institute. This partnership supports a network of churches in the Detroit metropolitan area that meet monthly and work together to support health and well-being among the area's residents. The FCRN is funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) at Wayne State University.

Network Mission

To educate, empower and elevate populations primarily composed of people of color, on the benefits of being engaged with medical research.

Network Goals

  • Create and champion strategies to advance health research aligned with the most urgent needs of Detroit populations

  • Prepare Detroit's faith community to participate meaningfully in research design and implementation
  • Increase community member access to clinical trials and health research
  • Develop channels for dissemination of research discoveries, especially interventions deigned to eliminate health disparities and promote equity

Network Churches

  • First Community Church
  • Grace Bible Chapel
  • Immanuel House of Prayer Cathedral by the Water
  • Mayflower Congregational Church
  • Mt. Charity Church
  • New Beginnings Bible Church
  • Praise City Church
  • Rhema International Church
  • Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
  • New Prospect Baptist Church
  • Blessed Ground International Church
  • Greater King Solomon Baptist Church
  • Spirit and Truth Ministries
  • Charity Lutheran Church 
  • The Room Church

Community-Academic Partnership

Academic research usually has a top-down approach and community stakeholders are often excluded in selecting research ideas and research development and design.

The Faith Community Research Network partners with community churches to champion community access to health care clinical trials and health research in Detroit.

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