Faith Community Health Survey

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What is the Faith Community Health Survey?

The Faith Community Health Survey will be used to understand how churches can help improve our community's healthcare needs. The survey will assess health attitudes, behaviors, needs, and concerns among members of the African American faith community residing in Detroit and surrounding communities. This information will be used to develop programming and offer services that meet our communities' health needs through our church partners.

The survey also serves as a way to identify people who are interested in participating in health research and offer them opportunities to get more involved. This information will be stored in a secure, protected database so that they can be contacted about research and/or educational opportunities.

Participants will also be asked to complete additional surveys, about once a year for at least two years to understand health changes over time.

Who is conducting the survey?

The survey is being conducted by the Faith Community Research Network (FCRN), a partnership between the Faith-Based Genetic Research Institute (, Wayne State University, and Karmanos Cancer Institute. The FCRN includes 12 church partners:

  • Christ Temple City of Refuge, Inkster
    • City of Hope Church, Southfield
    • Grace Bible Chapel, Detroit
    • First Community Church, Detroit
    • Immanuel House of Prayer Cathedral by the Water, Detroit
    • Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ, Detroit
    • Mt. Charity Church, Detroit
    • New Beginnings Bible Church, Detroit
    • Praise City, Detroit
    • Rhema International Church, Harper Woods
    • Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Detroit

The Principal Investigator (the person leading the study) is Dr. Hayley Thompson, Professor, Department of Oncology, Wayne State University School of Medicine and Associate Center Director, Community Outreach and Engagement, Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Why is the survey being conducted?

The Faith Community Health Survey will be used to understand how churches can help improve our community's healthcare needs. The survey also serves as a way to identify people who are interested in participating in health research. Information from the survey will be used to create a pool of people who are willing to be contacted about research studies and opportunities to get involved.

Who developed the survey?

The survey was developed by the FCRN team and was reviewed by all of the church partners.

Who is funding the survey?

The survey is funded by Wayne State University Office of the Vice President of Research (OVPR) and the Office of Cancer Health Equity and Community Engagement (OCHECE) at Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Who can take the survey?

An individual is eligible to complete the survey if he or she:

  • Is age 18 years or older.
  • Identifies as African American or Black
  • Resides in the tri-county area:  Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb County.
  • Attends a worship service, Bible study, Sunday School, or Sabbath School at a church in the tri-county area at least once every three months (in-person or online).

What types of questions does the survey ask?

The survey will ask you about the following:

  • Background information related to social characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, other health care conditions, etc.
  • Health behaviors and knowledge such as cancer screening, current physical activity, current or past smoking behavior, etc.
  • Access to health care and health information such as do you have a regular health care provider, have you received health care information from any source, if so, were you confident in the information provided, etc.
  • Interest in future research participation or other educational opportunities.

How long does it take to complete? 

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Are my answers confidential?

Yes! If you decide to complete the survey, you will be assigned an ID number. You answers will be saved and stored with your ID number, not your name or any other information that can identify you, such as your address or telephone number. A "crossover" list will be created that will include your ID number, your name and identifying information. Only research staff at Wayne State University will have access to the list, which will be stored in a secure electronic folder and be encrypted and password protected.

Will I get anything for completing the survey?

Participants completing the questionnaire will receive a $10 electronic gift card to thank them for their time.

How will the information I share through the survey be used?

The information you share will be used in several ways.

  • The FCRN will analyze the data to describe the current health and healthcare experiences of African American churchgoers. This information will be shared with the FCRN church partners as well as the medical, public health, and research community.
  • The FCRN may review your information to see if you are eligible to participate in other health research studies conducted by researchers at Wayne State University or other academic institutions. You will only be contacted about research that has been approved by the FCRN church partners.

If you are eligible, the FCRN will contact you on behalf of those researchers to let you know about their studies. If you are not interested, you will have the opportunity to let the FCRN know that you don't want to participate. If you are interested, you can contact the researcher directly or the researcher will contact you.


  • If you are contacted by a researcher, you are not obligated to participate in the study.
  • In the situations described above, no one will be able to link your information to your identity.